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Unless otherwise provided for in the Supreme Court's suspension order, a lawyer who has been suspended for a definite period of less than 9 months shall be reinstated to the practice of law at the end of the period of suspension by filing with the Supreme Court, and serving upon disciplinary counsel and the Commission on Lawyer Conduct, an affidavit stating that the lawyer:

(1) is currently in good standing with the Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization and the South Carolina Bar,

(2) has fully complied with the requirements of the suspension order,

(3) has completed the Legal Ethics and Practice Program Ethics School within the preceding year, and

(4) has paid any required fees and costs, including payment of necessary expenses and compensation approved by the Supreme Court to the receiver or the attorney appointed to assist the receiver pursuant to Rule 31, RLDE, to protect the interests of the lawyer's clients for necessary expenses, or to the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection if the Fund has paid the attorney appointed to assist the receiver under Rule 31(g), RLDE.

If suspended for conduct resulting in a criminal conviction and sentence, the lawyer must also successfully complete all conditions of the sentence, including, but not limited to, any period of probation or parole. In such a case, the lawyer must attach to the affidavit documentation demonstrating compliance with this provision. The affidavit filed with the Supreme Court shall be accompanied by proof of service showing service on disciplinary counsel and the Commission on Lawyer Conduct, and a filing fee of $200.

The lawyer must also provide a statement from the Commission on Lawyer Conduct stating whether any disciplinary investigations are currently pending against the lawyer. If a disciplinary investigation is currently pending against the lawyer, the Supreme Court shall give disciplinary counsel an opportunity to oppose the lawyer's reinstatement pending the conclusion of that investigation. For the purposes of meeting this requirement, a lawyer who files a petition for reinstatement under this rule waives the confidentiality provisions of Rule 12 concerning any pending investigations. When all preconditions set out in this rule are met, the Court shall issue an order of reinstatement. The order shall be public.    

Last amended by Order dated October 9, 2013.