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Advisory Opinions
These advisory opinions have been issued by the Advisory Committee on Standards of Judicial Conduct. Rule 503(D), SCACR, provides the following regarding these opinions: "All opinions shall be advisory in nature only. No opinion shall bind the Commission on Judicial Conduct in any proceeding properly before that body. However, in the discretion of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, an opinion of the Committee may be considered as evidence of a good faith effort to comply with the Code of Judicial Conduct."
Propriety of a part-time municipal judge presiding over hearing in which an attorney that the judge consulted or hired is appearing.

Propriety of a retired Circuit Court judge accepting a position as advisor to a state agency.

Propriety of a probate judge serving on an Association of Counties committee regarding the preservation of court records where the Association employs a lobbyist.

Propriety of a part-time magistrate continuing to represent criminal defendants in various courts.

Propriety of a part-time magistrate court judge also representing defendants in a town municipal court.

Propriety of a Family Court Judge presiding over a matter in which the lawyer/law firm representing a party is also the owner of a building in which judge’s spouse leases office space.

Propriety of a part-time municipal court judge also being employed as an assistant solicitor in a circuit that includes the municipality in which the judge serves.

The propriety of hiring a part-time municipal judge, whose role includes issuing arrest warrants and setting bonds, where the candidate’s brother is a local bondsman in the same municipality.

Propriety of a family court judge presiding over DSS matters where the judge’s first cousin is the director of DSS in a county within the judge’s circuit.

Propriety of a full-time magistrate judge serving on the Board of Directors for the Imperial Council Endowment Fund for the Imperial Council of Shriners.

Propriety of appointing a part-time municipal judge whose parent is on City Council.

Propriety of a Municipal Judge holding the position of Victim’s Advocate in another county.

Propriety of an Associate Municipal Judge presiding over cases that arise from the Department of Public Safety for a local university where the judge’s spouse is a lieutenant with that department.

The propriety of a full-time magistrate judge serving as the South Atlantic Regional Conference Sponsorship Committee Chairperson for a sorority.