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Court Orders - 2022
Order No.  
Interest Rate on Money Decrees and Judgments
In the Matter of Debra Barry Moore
Lawyer-Legislator Protection During the Legislative Session
(Rescinds Order 2021-08-04-01) (Supersedes Order 2017-05-19-01)
In the Matter of David B. Sample
Use of Remote Communication Technology to Conduct Guilty Pleas
Operation of the Trial Courts During the Coronavirus Emergency (As Amended effective February 4, 2022)
(Amends Order 2021-11-23-01)
In the Matter of Shawn M. Campbell
COVID-19 Mitigation Measures for the February 2022 South Carolina Bar Examination
Amendment to the South Carolina Bar Constitution
In the Matter of Lawrence J. Purvis Jr.
In the Matter of Ralph James Wilson, Jr.
Lawyer-Legislator Protection During the Legislative Session
Rescission of Order Requiring Use of Protective Masks in County and Municipal Courthouses and other Orders Concerning In-Person Proceedings
(Rescinds Order 2020-07-30-01)
Administrative Suspensions for Failure to Pay License Fees Required by Rule 410 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules (SCACR)
In-Person Proceedings and Jury Trials in the Trial Courts
In the Matter of Edward Delane Rosemond, Respondent
In the Matter of Elizabeth Anne Perkins, Respondent
In the Matter of Craig L. Smith
Sixth Circuit Adult Drug Court Program
(Supersedes Order 2017-10-04-01)
Sixth Circuit Veterans Treatment Court Program
(Supersedes Order 2021-01-26-01)
Special Referee Appointments
Administrative Suspensions for Failure to Comply with Continuing Legal Education Requirements
In the Matter of the Application of Frederick Shearouse Bergen, Jr., Respondent.
In the Matter of James Marshall Biddle
Appellate Case Nos. 2022-000029, 2021-001054, 2021-001056, and 2021-001035
Rescission of Order Regarding the Admission of Persons to Practice Law During the Coronavirus Emergency
(Rescinds Order 2020-04-15-01)
Freddie Eugene Owens, Brad Keith Sigmon, Gary Dubose Terry, and Richard Charles Moore, Plaintiffs, v. Bryan P. Stirling, in his official capacity as the Director of the South Carolina Department of Corrections
Methods of Electronic Filing and Service Under Rule 262 of the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules (As Amended May 6, 2022)
(Amends Order 2021-08-25-02)
Service by E-Mail in the Trial Courts
Lawyer Mentoring Program and the Coronavirus Pandemic
Amendments to the South Carolina Electronic Filing Policies and Guidelines