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2004-UP-072 - State v. Ross

In The Court of Appeals

The State,        Respondent,


Cedric Ross,        Appellant.

Appeal From Aiken County
John W. Kittredge, Circuit Court Judge

Unpublished Opinion No. 2004-UP-072
Submitted November 19, 2003 – Filed February 11, 2004


Senior Assistant Appellate Defender Wanda P. Hagler,  of Columbia, for Appellant.

Deputy Director for Legal Services Teresa A. Knox, Legal Counsel Tommy Evans, Jr., Legal Counsel J. Benjamin Aplin, S.C. Dept. of Probation, of Columbia, for Respondent.

PER CURIAM:  In October 2001, appellant Cedric Ross pled guilty to possession with intent to distribute cocaine and unlawfully carrying a pistol.  Ross received a sentence on the drug charge of six years and a $2,000 fine, suspended upon service of sixty-nine days and payment of $750, with three years probation.  On the weapons charge, he was sentenced to one year, suspended upon service of sixty-nine days with three years probation.  Following a probation revocation hearing, the court revoked one year of appellant’s probationary sentence.  We dismiss pursuant to Anders v. California, 386 U.S. 738 (1967) and State v. Williams, 305 S.C. 116, 406 S.E.2d 357 (1991).  Counsel’s petition to be relieved is granted.


HUFF, STILWELL, and BEATTY, JJ., concur.