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Court of Appeals Published Opinions - Week of 11/29/2021
12-1-2021 - Opinions

5873 - State v. Stewart
In this criminal appeal, Meleke Stewart asserts the trial court erred in admitting (1) evidence retrieved from a warrantless search of his cell phone data and (2) a recorded confession he made during custodial interrogation. We affirm.
5874 - Campione v. Best
In this cross-appeal of dueling family court contempt actions, we affirm the ruling of the family court that Wife was not in contempt for retaining alimony overpayments by Husband. We also affirm the ruling that Husband was in contempt for removing Wife as beneficiary of a life insurance policy. As to the ruling that Husband violated the parties' court-approved settlement agreement requiring him to make certain payments to Wife from earnings he made from intellectual property, we reverse, holding the violation constituted willful contempt. Finally, we affirm the award of compensatory attorney's fees to Wife.