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In re: Amendments to Rule 402(m), SCACR


Pursuant to Article V, § 4, of the South Carolina Constitution, Rule 402(m), SCACR, is hereby amended as follows:

(m) Admission of Certain Law Professors.  A person serving as the Dean or as a tenured professor of the University of South Carolina School of Law or the Charleston School of Law may be admitted to practice law in this State without taking the Bar Examination (section (c)(5) above), the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (section (c)(6) above), or the Bridge the Gap Program (section (c)(8) above) if the Dean or professor:

(1) has been admitted to practice law in the highest court of another state or the District of Columbia for at least five (5) years;

(2) has been a full-time and continuous member of the faculty of the Law School with the rank of assistant professor of law or higher for the previous three (3) or more complete academic years; and

(3) has been recommended for admission by the Dean of the Law School, or in the case of the Dean, by the President of the University of South Carolina or the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Charleston School of Law.

The application for admission shall be made on a form prescribed by the Committee on Character and Fitness, and shall be filed in triplicate with the Clerk of the Supreme Court.  The application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee of $400.  A portion of this fee will be used to obtain a character report from the National Conference of Bar Examiners.  The Dean or professor must comply with all other requirements of section (c) above.  If found qualified by the Committee on Character and Fitness, the Dean or professor shall be admitted upon taking the oath and paying the fee specified by section (k) above.

This amendment shall take effect immediately. 

IT IS SO ORDERED.                       

s/Jean H. Toal                                    C.J.

s/Costa M. Pleicones                        J.

s/Donald W. Beatty                            J.

s/John W. Kittredge                           J.

s/Kaye G. Hearn                                 J.

Columbia, South Carolina
September 8, 2011